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Iqra’! (Q.s. al-‘Alaq: 1-5), means Proclaim! (or Read). From this first Wahyu received by Prophet Muhammad SAW, lies a sign and courage for mankind to get and develop knowledge all at once.
Iqra’ has no boundaries. When one sees a sheet of leaf which is falling from the branch; or when one does introspection, verily he has actuallize the word Iqra’.
Iqra’ has broad meaning. It can be to observe, to read the nature, to read the signs of the time, to read what is destined and what is revealed, written or unwritten. In this context, surah al-‘Alaq offers and commands us to learn whatever we can, whatever that deserves and whatever that readable. Hence, whatever the subject or research conducted, Islam bless them.
From surah
al-‘Alaq we know how Islam really suggest the mankind in order to always learn without feeling limited by the space and time, always catch the phenomenon and read for the sake of adding more knowledge, both in the form of phenomenon that happens in universe and the writings in the form of information that is very useful and developed from time to time.
While KH. Ahmad Dahlan in founding Muhammadiyah had the dreams of setting free the Moslems from backwardness and build progressive living through tajdid (reform) that covers the aspects of tauhid (aqidah), ibadah (observance), mu’amalah (good deed), and understanding toward Islamic teaching and Moslem’s life, by returning to the genuine source, that is al Qur’an and the Prophet’s valid Sunnah, by opening ijtihad.

The born of Muhammadiyah with its smart ideas and renewal from its founding father, KH. Ahmad Dahlan, is based on some factors, among others:

·       The failure of the Islamic education institutions in giving birth to Islamic cadres, since it is no longer fulfill the time challenge.
·       Most Moslems live in a narrow mind fanatism, blindly unquestioning the acceptance of traditional religious interpretations and think indogmatic way, lies in conservatism, formalism, and traditionalism.

To be concluded, one of KH. Ahmad Dahlan’s objectives of founding Muhammadiyah is by doing Reformulating the Islamic teaching and beducation. Sociologically, the born of Muhammadiyah had the context with the living of the moslems and Indonesian society in backwardness.
KH. Ahmad Dahlan through Muhammadiyah verily had pioneered the presence of geuine Islam and oriented toward the advancement in its renewal, which lead the life of moslems to live their religious life correctly and give bless to life. Islam is not only performed othentically by returning to the genuine teaching that is al Qur’an and the Prophet’s valid Sunnah, but also become the power to change the life of mankind from every backwardness into the world of advancement.

The establishment of Muhammadiyah School in Surabaya

As known, the ideas and the dreams of KH. Ahmad Dahlan in founding Muhammadiyah , one of them is to conduct renewal and reform in the world of education.Certainly, those noble ideas and dreams will only be a big dream without the willing and ghirah of the society in Muhammadiyah organization in proggressing the world of education which had been lined in the statutes.In Surabaya alone, many Muhammadiyah Education Institution existed. One of them is SMP Muhammadiyah 2 which is located on Jalan Genteng Muhammadiyah no. 28, Surabaya.As KH Ahmad Dahlan and Muhammadiyah’s dreams which wanted to attach the life of the society from the backwardness, there had been lived Muhammadiyah School in Surabaya.At the beginning, SD Muhammadiyah 1 Surabaya was built in Gentengkali area. And on the next progress in 1958, the board of Muhammadiyah in Surabaya built SMP Muhammadiyah in the same location with the consideration that the elementary graduates would be easier to continue their education at junior high level.The fact of history state, by the existance of the first SMP Muhammadiyah (now is SMP Muhammadiyah 2), the city government of Surabaya gave name for the street where the school was built by Jalan Genteng Muhammadiyah.If it is drawn farther, verily the existance of Muhammadiyah in Surabaya has a bound with the national figures. In the book Di Bawah Bendera Revolusi (Under the flag of revolution),
Bung Karno narrated that when he gone through his education in HBS Surabaya (now is SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya), he boarded in HOS Cokroaminoto’s house, the Chairman of Islamic Organization on Jalan Peneleh. KH. Ahmad Dahlan sometimes visited him in his house.There, Bung Karno occasionally heard those two National Movement figures’ conversation. In fact, Muhammadiyah’s actions in education and halth field was found to be dragging Dr. Soetomo, the chairman of Budi Utomo’s attention, so that he also subjugated himself to Muhammadiyah Hospital which located in Jalam KH Mas Manshur Surabaya.
SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya
The Building of Muhammadiyah Elementary and Junior High School on Jalan Genteng Muhammadiyah was able to influence the policy of Surabaya city government that time. When an ethnical conflict happened in Surabaya, the Surabaya city government gave grant the Board of Muhammadiyah in Surabaya a building located in Jalan Kapasan. This bequest was received on condition that only be used for the development of education institution.So, not so long was built again Muhammadiyah Junior High School on Jalan Kapasan Surabaya. To differ the status between the school on Jalan Genteng and the one on Jalan Kapasan, it was stated that the one in Jalan Kapasan as SMP Muhammadiyah 1 while the other one on Jalan Genteng as SMP Muhammadiyah 2.
In the decade of 1970s, SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya undergone its glorious time, since the amount of the students was 400 pupils.Meanwhile, in 1975, the ammount of students in SMP Muhammadiyah 5 Pucang Taman was 200 pupils. The achievement had made SMP Muhammadiyah2 Surabaya as the favorite school, moreover had been the shadow of the State Junior High School 4 Tanjung Anom Surabaya.Time passes by, lots of new schools popped out. Seemed that from the development and the so many new education institutions popped out, SMP Muhammadiyah 2 got the impact of the condition. Ups and downs happened, the amount of students became lower year by year.
Probably the status of the land also played a part in it. We must understand, that time SMP Muhammadiyah 2 still placed the land of The Badlowis who happened to live on Jalan Genteng Muhammadiyah Surabaya.In 1985 much effort had been conducted; one of them was by taking joining the teachers of Muhammadiyah Pucang, the figures of
Muhammadiyah University Students Association, and the Muhammadiyah schools teachers beyond Genteng.

The Status of The School’s Land

At the beginning, the land of the school was rented by Muhammadiyah from the Badlowis and (others). Due to the long duration of the rental status, Muhammadiyah had lost the track to trace the inheritors of the Baidlowis. Since the elders had passed away, the rental status found time to be cut in years.Muhammadiyah expected this land rental relation could be interlaced by finding the inheritors of the Badlowis who definelty in great quantity.The cut of the land rental happened when almarhum Anwar Zein was the Chairman of District Muhammadiyah.Verily, the inheritors required the land to be used by Muhammadiyah, but the boards of Muhammadiyah wanted everything to be conducted perfectly, especially in the corespondence which related to the land proprietary. In the case of the clarity of the land status, Muhammadiyah had formed committee structures for three times, and never succeed. Much effort had been conducted including made management reference to the political district administration office. Yet, the political district administration was not able to give an answer and a valid back up data as for the inheritors of the land. It was formed a new committee which started to find a little bright point by the trace of the Baidlowis inheritors and others. And finally in 2007 it was conducted a repayment to the inheritors and administatively the land placed by SMP Muhammadiyah is officially belongs to Muhammadiyah. Furthermore only take care of the legality at the notary public so that the land will be certified.

The Revival Time of SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya

After crossing the uneasy journey, until 1999, the condition of the school was still not promissing. The amount of the students was little and with minimum achievement. Many Muhammadiyah figures in Surabaya felt pessimistic with the future.In 2006, the revival of SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya started to come up again. The amount of the students had reached more than 200 pupils, the building got better, the personnels were coordinated better, and in the effort atoning for the land which has not been taken care for more than 80 years.Where there is a school which has undergone difficult times and then revival, there surely a secret behind all of it. Seems that the intention and the secret is from the Principle who committed to conduct an image projection for the school as the ‘School with Performances’. The principle and the educators and the educator personnel staffs cooperate to classify the students’ potention both in academic and non academic.
A new paradigm reveals, ‘education for all’. It means the pattern of education service which not only intended for a group or certain subject.Not only for those who are rich and smart but also for those in all level of economy and academic capabilty. That one who weak in science does not mean he or she weak in everything. Each student keeps their potention. There are some kids who are talented to be bussineesman, musicians, entertainers, and even athletes.From the range of time that had been gone through, SMP Muhammadiyah Surabaya has giving birth to young talented athletes and with performance as well, among others:
- Miftakhul Khairani,      The First Runner Up of Tapak Suci Bupati Cup Competition in Jombang – East Java, 2007
- Julio Arista P,          The Champion of Tapak Suci Bupati Cup Competition in Jombang – East Java, 2007
-Amalia Triasmara,       The Second Runner Up of O2SN & FLS2N Competition – Surabaya City, 2008
-Ramadhan Febriono,      The First Runner Up of O2SN & FLS2N Minny Football Competition – Surabaya City, 2008
-Aditya Kusuma P,      The First Runner Up of O2SN & FLS2N Minny Football Competition – Surabaya City, 2008
-Muhammad Faris,      The Second Runner Up of IKASI Fencing Competition at Province Level, 2008 and in 2009 went into the Big Eight at National Level.
-Julio Arista P,          The Second Runner Up of KONI Surabaya Cup Competition in the branch of Martial Art, 2008
- Attar Mahdi,          The First Runner Up of National Olycon in Science, 2009
-Ayyub Husin,          The Second Runner Up of Surabaya City Fencing Club Competition, 2009
-Adella Pramarsya,     The Champion of National Martial Art Competition for Single Performance, 2009
-M. Hasan – M. Husein,     The Champion of National Martial Art Competition for Double Performance, 2009

Certainly there are still more champions from the school which never stop sharpening and motivating its students to have more performances which also gives contribution for the Sport development in East Java.And from the performances the have achieved, it was not few of those students who got the facilitation in continuing their studies to state scools.

If all elements of students with their various capabilities developed by the Principle and the teachers, it will increase the respect for the School itself, the teachers, the Principle, and all the School Workers because the students feel they have gotten what they have been looking for.
One will honor and love the one who has given what he wished for. That’s why a school is oftenly called by the name Almamater (Greece) which means the ‘upbringing mother’. A good mother must be adored, loved, and honored. But if a school is not able to conduct as an almamater, it will be forgotten because it does not give any benefit except for giving away the report book and certificate. It would bevisited by people only because they need its legal signature.
Furthermore, it depends on how to maintain, to manage, and to increase achievements that have been performed. Good Luck!

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